Solplanet Releases New Generation of Hybrid Inverters

Shanghai, China— July 7, 2022 — Solplanet remains persistent in its commitment to sustainable development with its innovative solution for the PV industry by launching its brand-new hybrid inverters: ASW 3-6 kW H-S2 single-phase low voltage hybrid inverter series. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies, the latest hybrid inverters are ready to impress the global storage market with their high efficiency, millisecond switching time, low noise, and many other features.

More efficient
One of the core functions of the new series lies in improving users’ cost benefits, which is achieved by their increased efficiency. The new series adopts an upgraded structure, configuration, and algorithm, as well as multiple core technologies such as circuit topology optimization and dual-phase shift control. In doing so, they
have successfully made a breakthrough in achieving higher efficiency, with output efficiency up to 9kW, charging and discharging power reaching 5kW, and max battery to load efficiency increasing to 94.7%.

In regard to the power supply, a function that users care about most, Solplanet’s new-generation hybrid inverters have integrated UPS functions to ensure stable power supply by switching at a measured 10 milliseconds level in case of power failure or unstable power supply. They can also support the usage of a variety of household appliances when in an off-grid state.

The advanced EMS control technology enables users to track and monitor the PV panel power, battery power, load power, and online power to effectively regulate power resources, further improving users’ cost benefits by optimizing energy utilization.

Solplanet has always taken the user experience into consideration with a focus on various household scenarios during product design and R&D. The hybrid inverters produce low noise, just like the sound of rustling leaves, providing a quiet, high-quality home environment.

In addition, the hybrid inverters continue to uphold Solplanet’s aesthetic concepts with their exquisite appearances to decorate the home environment plus a lightweight design to facilitate installation. Due to the IP66-rated design, the hybrid inverters can stand the heavy rains, wind, snow, and frost often found outdoors.

The application of Phoenix Contact connectors lends more reliability to the products and saves users on installation costs. “The new generation hybrid inverters are one of the star products that we highly value,” said Winston Wu, CTO of Solplanet. “The market now sees accelerated needs for energy storage, so Solplanet will adopt a strategic view toward the market and strive to promote the synergistic development of the industry by using our current technology combined with relentless innovation to help usher in the future of renewable energy systems.”

About Solplanet
Solplanet is an overseas brand of AISWEI. AISWEI is a global organization manufacturing high-quality and reliable inverters since 2007, formerly known as SMA’s China subsidiary with a broad portfolio of PV inverter products, EV chargers, and energy management systems.

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