ASW 75-110K LT Series

Powerful and reliable
for high-efficiency
power production

ASW 75-110K LT Series

Entering the industrial low-carbon era!

We are proud to introduce our powerful three phase ASW 75-110K LT Series, a flexible and reliable solution for high-efficiency commercial and industrial solar plants.

With 16A current inputs per string compatible with the latest large PV panels, high efficiency performance thanks to its 10 MPPT feature and its 150% DC/AC sizing ratio allows for versatile system designs. The IP66 certified waterproof design enables large-scale power production plants to maintain a steady production regardless of the environmental conditions, and Solplanet’s ShadeSol integrated smart shadow management system keeps the installation at its maximum capacity even in shaded conditions.

Main Benefits

10 MPPT design

Higher Yields with
150% PV Array oversizing

Featuring ShadeSol shadow management system

IP66 rated design for outdoor use


24/7 System monitoring
with Solplanet Apps

Key Features

High yields and versatile plant designs

• Industry-leading 10 MPPTs for flexible PV array design
• 150% PV array oversizing for higher yields
• ShadeSol smart shadow management system for optimal performance even in partial shade
• 16 A input current per string, ideal for bifacial and large area PV modules

Reliable and easy to install

• Toolless DC connection with Phoenix Contact connectors
• Type II surge protection DC and AC
• IP66 rated design for any weather conditions
• C5 anti-corrosion grade design, outstandingly resistant to high moisture environments
• Fuse-free design

User friendly & easy to monitor

• 24/7 system monitoring
• Quick setup and commissioning with Solplanet apps
• String-level management
• Equipped with Solplanet’s self-developed Ai-Logger system, supports independent scheduling functions, efficient management of photovoltaic production, etc.

ASW 75-110K LT Series

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