Solplanet Presents its new Shade Management Solution to Maximize Power Production and Efficiency

To maximize the power production and efficiency of a PV power plant, it is important to minimize the impact of shade and shadows on the PV modules. To minimize the impact of shade and shadows on a PV power plant, Solplanet introduces a new innovative shade management solution, ShadeSol. In this press release you will find how ShadeSol works.
High performance 
Shade or shadows casted on PV modules will reduce a PV plant´s energy yield and should thus be avoided, as much as possible, during the design stage. In some cases however, shading is unavoidable. Shade/shadows can be caused by near field objects such as chimneys and trees however a PV plant can also become partially shaded, in the future, from growing trees or neighboring property extensions. It is therefore important that a string inverter can find and operate at the Maximum Power Point (MPP) of the PV module string. While string inverters with no advanced shade management solution can only find and operate on the Local Maximum Power Point (LMPP). A Solplanet inverter with ShadeSol scans the entire IV curve and finds the Global Maximum Power Point (GMPP). This means that, in shaded conditions, an inverter with an advanced shade management solution can notably outperform an inverter without an advanced shade management solution. With ShadeSol, Solplanet offers its customers high performance, even in shaded conditions.
Reliable and easy to install 
Solplanet’s shade management solution is based on an innovative software algorithm designed especially for Solplanet inverters thus drastically reducing the number of installed components within a PV plant. The benefits of using a software solution can be illustrated with an example of a PV plant consisting of 30 PV modules. A PV plant adopting a Solplanet inverter with Shadesol solution requires no extra 30 times electrical components therefore substantially reducing the number of potential failure points which is attributed to less DC connection points and fewer electrical components. A failure in one of the extra components could be the cause of fire or other malfunctions, causing the PV plant to cease production. ShadeSol therefore not only increases the economic benefits, but also increases the PV plant’s overall safety and reliability and reduces the need for an installer to repeatably return to site to rectify issues.
User friendly 
Using the ShadeSol solution reduces the installation time, maintenance time, and PV-plant cost. As the ShadeSol is a software solution, the installer is not required to install a DC optimizer per PV module resulting in substantially reduced installation times. Less installation time, maintenance, and PV-plant cost can also be advantageous for end users. As Solplanet, we continue to offer innovative solutions providing unique value to our customers by researching, developing and implementing the latest scientific advancements in the photovoltaic industry. As with other features from Solplanet, ShadeSol offers Solplanet users higher performance, safer conditions and more user-friendly interfaces.  ShadeSol will be soon available on Solplanet inverters, please contact your local Solplanet service department for more information.
About Solplanet
Solplanet is an overseas brand of AISWEI. AISWEI is a global organization manufacturing high-quality and reliable inverters since 2007, formerly known as SMA’s China subsidiary with a broad portfolio of PV inverter products, EV charger, and energy management system. 

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